Dear Zhaf #2

The fourth of May has come again – faster than last year, would you believe it? 😀

Hi, Zhaf!

This one is for you, hopefully one day soon you will find it interesting enough to read in your spare time.

It has been a very long time for me not writing a post about you, maybe I should invest more time to humor you in the future, no? But seriously, many things happened!

I remember that I was starting to worry that you didn’t speak enough words when you were 18 months old, but then your cute little mouth couldn’t stop bubbling when you’ve turned 19 months. I do also remember how broke my heart was when you fell and need 2 stitches in your precious little forehead; nevertheless, you amazed me to see that you were holding yourself better than I did after the tragedy. Not long after that, you chose to wean yourself from breastfeeding –  oh boy, the pain in my heart was unimaginable.

Oh no. I need to stop talking about myself and my dramatic emotions. I want this post to be about you, Zhaf. This post has to speak to you and make you dizzy a little. 😆

Your smile! Yes! The smile of yours are precious and addictive. Everyone couldn’t get enough of that, especially when you are planning to do some mischief acts. Wonderful, yet foolish at the same time. I hope you’re not going to be a heart breaker someday.

Hmm.. That gave me an Idea.

Let’s talk about heart breaking, son.

I realize that this world is not turning into a direction that I like, but I know that you could always find something to fight for, something that make your life worth to live, and something that proof your existence is making this universe slightly more livable. No pressure there, buddy! Life is not only about sadness and desperation, it is also about love, laugh, and how to share the love and the laugh.

To Love.

Love has no boundaries. One day you will find your own way to love this universe and beyond. I wish that you could understand that Allah is the most merciful, thus human is blessed with it. Have mercy, my dear Son, so you could be grateful for all the things you’ve accomplished. Have mercy, not only for others but also for yourself – for you could not love others before you learn to love yourself. I wish that you could understand that Rasulullah is a kind person, thus you could learn to be humble and sincere like him. Be gentle, my dear Son, for this world is not only belong to our kind of people – any kind of people is also living this world (science and conscience told us that they are also human), so please treat them like you want to be treated (as human). And if you encounter something that you don’t like nor agree with; remember the most crucial thing that I always need to remind myself, too: condemn the action, not the actor. I know you will figure the meaning of this soon enough.

To Laugh.

Laugh is the best medicine in this world. One day you will find your own way to laugh with others – certainly not to laugh at others. Laugh is what your soul need after a long tiring journey. Laugh is what your mind need along your wonderful journey. Laugh is what your body need to start walking into the journey. If you remember how to laugh, you will remember how to respect others – especially the one that doesn’t respect you. Just remember : Laugh is contagious. 🙂

I think I’ve already take a lot of time from you with this one. Got to keep other words for other occasion so that you won’t be bored. You will never know how much I love you. ❤ u.

Happy Birthday, Zhaf!


Story from Cimory


Cimory : one famous yoghurt brand in Indonesia. I used to think that Cimory only produce yoghurt and I have never been so wrong – (of course) they are a fresh milk producer, too! They also expand their products by producing delicious Chocolate Line : Chocomory.

Other than selling their products nationwide (and worldwide, maybe?), they have their own restaurants in Cisarua, Puncak, West Java.

My first visit was around 2010 and it made a long lasting great impression for me that I have an urge to go back. At my second visit, they already have “Cimory Riverside”Restaurant – the one that I visit in 2016. I love the vibe, it was a cozy afternoon and I remember feeling so nostalgic. They have indoor and outdoor dining area; also a large backyard with watery back sound which came from the nearby river. The dining area is large – it could cater more than 100 people in one time (a very raw estimation 😀 ). They also have a play area for kids, boutique, chocolate shop, and a market full of their products. They offer variety of food: from western to local cuisine, and also serve many kinds of yoghurt-based smoothies.

Last November, we were revisiting Cimory with Zhaf. He just started solid a few days before and Cimory’s plain yoghurt was his lunch. He was very happy to see all new things around him, since that was the first time we take him there.


With love,

#TheCheekFamily 😆


Le Crème Brûlée

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. ~Ernestine Ulmer

Almost every body loves desserts and has their own preferences. Mine is crème brûlée. I have no idea what make me really into this custard based dessert.

Digging into my memories, the first time I tried this dessert was because of my curiosity. I remember watching one of Master Chef US episode that featured a creme brulee: the so called hunting began soon after that episode was aired.

Last weekend, I finally reunited with it after a long time.

We went to Gandaria City, partly to try the famous Pablo Cheese Tart – which was a failed mission: we chickened out when we saw the long queue. Bakerzin is chosen to host our lunch, because I’ve been craving for the Crème Brûlée and I remember that they have one of the best Crème Brûlée in town.

The crunchiness of the caramelized sugar meet the softness of the creme. So Tasty and tempting!

Next in my bucket list: Try to make it at home.

Side story:

My husband was having spaghetti as his lunch and a dori with potatoes as his dessert 😆

My husband’s kind of dessert

Nenek (the one that take care of Z while I work in the weekday) was ordering fried rice with black chip

The satay was made from fish!
How about Z? Oh, as usual, a homemade rice puree with broccoli, fish, and cheese. 😀

All the foods were paired with Lychee Tea!
Psst. Bakerzin has many delicious stuff to try, if you haven’t taste them, give ’em a go!

For my dear Kak @MeeZahra

“You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you…”

George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

There is a girl,

born into one family,

a middle child,

the first girl in the family,

named Zelmidianti Adzel.


There is a girl,

build one little family,

married to a charming man,

a man of her dream,

and a daughter everybody loves.


There is a girl,

in a way to be a woman,

never realize that she is indeed a lady,

shining bright,

so radiant.


There is a woman,


by everyone,

especially by me,

her naughty little sister.


There is a woman,

means everything to me,

more than my life,

more than my happiness.





Everything good in this life,

Everything I could hope for,

I wish for it,

dearly for her.


I Love You,

my Sister,



May Allah always loves you too.

from the deepest heart of @darkjasm

Happy little family
Happy little family

a Tribute for @diedroc

Once upon a time, a boy was born to earth in the eleventh of June, 1981.

a cousin of mine.

He was the only son of his parents until his brother born in 1983.

His Parents named him Dody Cahyadi, I don’t have a clue why they name him that.

I used to see him when his family came to visit mine, until my brother passed away and he became my big brother.

I never had a chance to know him, since he always had his life outside the house.

One thing I can concluded about him back then, He was such a fighter.

He fought for what he wanted in his life.

until now.

He ain’t change a thing.

He is still a fighter.

He fights for what he wanted in his life, and sure thing is he is now living his own life, his own dream.

Grab all the opportunities you have and give all your best for what you want in your life.

Never give up your dream.

I can learn from him that impossible is really a fairytale.

Impossible isn’t real.

He inspires me more than he ever imagine.

Happy birthday big Brother!

Happy new life.

Always wishes the best, and only the best for your life.

With a charming lady as your wife and a small men in her womb, I know you can conquer the new world!

Happy Birthday BangDod! Forever Happy in Love with Kak Ira yaaa.. *pic is grabbed from bangdod's facebook*
Happy Birthday BangDod!
Forever Happy in Love with Kak Ira yaaa..
*pic is grabbed from bangdod’s facebook*

Happy birthday.

I will miss you three!


Zhazha Invades Jakarta #AnotherLatePost

Early this April, My lovely niece Zhafira Khalifa Laiqa along with her mother “MaZha”, father “PaZha”, grandfather “atuk” and aunty visited me for about a week. We had joyful holiday..

Day 1 after their arrival, we went to Ragunan Zoo, I’ve asked them to go early in the morning because it will be sunny that day, but we arrived there around 11am, when the sun shines so brightly.. It was very hot in Ragunan, we have to walk to see the animals and after Atuk feel so exhausted, we ride the tram to see around the Ragunan and it is really a big zoo. Zhazha was so happy to see many kinds of animals like elephant, birds, monkey, lion and others, She called them all “Mauw”. 😆

Posing in Ragunan Zoo
Posing in Ragunan Zoo
The Elephant
The Elephant

After we all so tired and the tummy was really empty, we went to Daeng Naba’s Restaurant in Ampera Street. We were treated by my Cousin, Bg Dody “Zhazha’s Pak Long”.

Day 2 of the journey, around 8 am we were off to Sea World in Ancol Dream Park. Traffic jam was our best friend that day. We arrived there around half past ten. We took some pictures with the fish, Aunty was being so brave that she participated in a contest and got Sea World Sticker. What a lovely day. Zhazha keep calling the fish as “Mauw” :rolling:

Zhazha and the ganks
Zhazha and the ganks
The joy I love
The joy I love

Finished the journey at Sea World, Ambassador Mall was our next destination, but became “me”, we lost in our way there, took so long route and finally we parked at Kuningan City. We went to Ambas on foot from Kuningan City, bought some cds, and then had dinner at Kuningan City. Zhazha was so happy walking in Kuningan City, it might be because the mall is so bright and almost empty that she felt like she was at home. Back to home after Maghrib prayer, through the friday night traffic of South Jakarta and Depok. *be right back massaging my feet*

Day 3 is Aunty’s day. Aunty went to Kidzania at Pacific Place, accompanied by Mr. J “Anji as Zhazha call him” and PaZha. They spent almost 3 hrs in Kidzania. Atuk was Watching GI JOE at Blitzmegaplex while Mazha and me “Bubun or Baboh as Zhazha call me” were busy to keep Zhazha busy. Aunty was so happy after she went to Kidzania, she baked cookies there, she became a journalist and she kept talking about it in our journey back to home.

Day 4 was Sunday and it was supposed to be Atuk’s day. Around 9am I accompanied Atuk to one of his nephew’s wedding. The problem was he hardly ever met his cousin even more his nephew (the last time Atuk met his cousin was when he was a junior high school student!) and the other problem was I hardly know the route. We made it after all but we weren’t stay long there because of there was too many person and Atuk was seating so bad. We went home and in the afternoon Atuk stayed at home while the others left to ITC for some shopping. Teheee

Day 5 was when Bubun have classes to teach in her campus. I left early in the morning but I came home in my lunch break between class to pick Zhazha and the ganks to see beautiful scenery around my campus. In the night we had dinner reservation at Bumbu Desa, Margo City, invited by Anji’s family. The dinner went very well, what didn’t go well was that Zhazha was crying when we went home, she still wanted to be in Margo City. I guess that my cute niece has been a mall girl. :p

in Sentul Highland
in Sentul Highland

Last Day 😦

We left home around 10.30am and was heading to Grand Indonesia Shopping Town to see the Fountain Show. We stopped in Majesty Bakery to buy cakes for people in Pekanbaru and we also stopped at some Padang Restaurant in Blok M for lunch. Finally around 13.30 we arrived at GI but unfortunately we missed the Fountain Show. We just took some pics there and then off to the airport at 14.30

With uncle robot.. hihii
With uncle robot.. hihii
le goodbye :(
le goodbye 😦


My heart is broken when I see them waving good bye… 😦

Ps. All the pics are courtesy of PaZha



Happy Trip to Bandung

Last long holiday, I got invitation from Mr.J’s fam to spend my holiday in Bandung. Sayangkan jika undangan yang sangat bagus ini disia-siakan? Maka berangkatlah saya ke Bandung pada hari minggu pagi. Berangkatnya sih was-was, takut jalanan macet karena Bandung kan identik dengan macet, tetapi untungnya jalanan hanya ramai lancar. Kami hanya memerlukan waktu sekitar 2 jam untuk tiba di rumah keluarga di daerah Cijerah. Sampai di bandung bincang-bincang heboh dulu sebentar lalu lanjut ke Ciwangun Indah Camp.


salah satu wahana
salah satu wahana

Disingkat dengan CIC, berlokasi di daerah Lembang, merupakan tempat outbond yang lumayan banyak di gemari di daerah Jawa Barat. Suasananya asyik, cocok untuk kegiatan outbond, tanahnya berbukit-bukit, pemandangannya bagus dan udaranya dingin. Fasilitas dan permainan yang ditawarkan juga cukup banyak.

three nature kids
three nature kids

Awalnya kami ke CIC hanya untuk survey, rencananya akan diadakan outbond pada hari senin, namun karena perjalanan ke sana yang cukup menaikkan adrenalin karena melewati jalanan sempit berbatasan jurang dan kejadian tanah longsor beberapa hari sebelumnya akhirnya kami memutuskan untuk bermain langsung saja di CIC. Ketika kami sampai di CIC sekitar pukul 14.30, kami disambut hujan yang cukup deras. Sempat kecewa memang, namun akhirnya kami memutuskan untuk tetap semangat dan mencoba flying fox hujan-hujanan. Untuk saya yang masih muda belia dan cantik jelita (dilarang protes) ini, flying fox memang sudah tidak menakutkan, sudah biasa malah, tapi hujan cukup membuat suasana hati ceria, tapi yang paling lucu adalah ketika meyakinkan para tetua untuk ikut main, yang akhirnya berhasil. Para tetua yang awalnya sangat takut mencoba tetapi ketika sudah sampai di tempat tujuan malah ketagihan dan ingin mencoba lagi, untungnya hari udah sore.. 😆

after flying fox
after flying fox bersama nenk Uti

di CIC kami memang cuma mencoba flying fox karena permainan yang lain sudah licin kena hujan, kami jadi malas dan memutuskan untuk melanjutkan perjalanan.

the view at CIC
raining at CIC

Perjalanan dilanjutkan ke Rumah Kayu Resto di daerah Pusdikajen, Lembang. Di rumah kayu itu kami mencoba cincau hijau yang sesuai dengan promosinya ternyata memang sangat lezat. Rumah Kayu Resto ini sangat nyaman, sesuai dengan namanya, dekorasi restorannya memang dominan terbuat dari kayu, disini juga dijual sayuran organik yang teknologinya berasal dari Taiwan. Menurut pengamatan saya, restauran ini sangat apik, dan suasananya membuat betah. Cincau yang saya coba juga rasanya sangat tajam dan tidak seperti cincau yang biasa nya saya coba, sangat segar! #bukanLebay.

Cincai di Rumah Kayu
Cincau di Rumah Kayu

Selain cincau, kami juga mencoba telur asinnya, tidak terlalu asin tapi lezat juga. 😀 Kemudian saya mencoba Tutut untuk pertama kalinya, ternyata rasanya sama saja dengan rasa kerang dara, cuma bentuknya aja yang sedikit menggelikan sehingga saya belum pernah berniat mencobanya sampai ditawarkan disini, yang membuat tututnya terasa lezat sebenarnya adalah kuahnya, kuah kari yang menggoda.

Tutut kuah Kari
Tutut kuah Kari

Kami juga mencoba pisang goreng keju yang merupakan pisang tanduk digorang dengan tepung yang sepertinya dicampur gula merah sehingga sangat empuk sekali dan tentu saja menggoda selera.. Saya merekomendasikan resto ini untuk dicoba, karena saya juga pengen banged balik lagi kesana. Udara dingin, tempat romantis, tidak terlalu ramai, makanannya lezat pula.. PAS! 🙂

senja di Rumah Kayu
senja di Rumah Kayu

Selesai mengisi perut di Rumah Kayu, kerjaan sang perut ternyata belum selesai karena kami menuju tempat jualan ketan yang konon adalah makanan khas Lembang. Ketannya dibakar dan disajikan dengan serundeng, oncom dan saus kacang pedas. Ketannya memang lembut cuma menurut saya kurang garam sehingga kurang gurih dan sebenarnya saya lebih suka makan ketan pake durian, bukan oncom… maafkanlah lidah melayu saya ini.. 😆

Ketan Bakar
Ketan Bakar

Perut kenyang, hati senang.. Kami menuruni bukit menuju Cihampelas, katanya sih mau belanja, tapi ternyata itu adalah pilihan yang salah. Cihampelas meuni macet pisan! *sok-sokan pake bahasa sunda, maap kalo salah yak, namanya juga belajar…


Kampung Gajah Wonderland
Kampung Gajah Wonderland

Rencananya hari kedua ini kami mau berangkat ke Kampung Gajah pagi-pagi, tetapi manusia memang cuma bisa berencana, Tuhanlah yang menentukan. Ada sepupu yang keponakan suaminya meninggal sehingga kami harus menggeser jadwal dan menunggu sepupu lain yang tahu jalan ke Kampung Gajah. Akhirnya kami tiba di Kampung Gajah sekitar pkl. 10.00 dengan jalanan yang untungnya belum terlalu ramai. Ada sedikit keributan mengenai tiket masuk, ada yang mau tiket terusan, ada yang tidak. Akhirnya di putuskan para tetua tidak ambil tiket terusan karena toh mereka juga gak bisa main semuanya..

Cuaca kawasan Kampung Gajah
Cuaca kawasan Kampung Gajah

Tiket terusan yang seharga Rp 200.000 itu mengcover beberapa wahana, total dalam selebarannya adalah 19 wahana, sayang nya mereka tidak mencantumkan wahana apa yang tidak beroperasi pada hari itu sehingga kita berasumsi bahwa semua wahana bisa kita nikmati, ternyata ATV yang merupakan tujuan saya sehingga saya rela membeli tiket terusan tidak beroperasi. Menelan kekecewaan, kami akhirnya main mini buggy, tubby dan gokart. Mini buggy cuma boleh satu kali naik. Tubby ketika mau naik lagi udah antri parah. Gokart antriannya lebih parah lagi, kami harus antri 1.5 jam baru bisa main.

padatnya parkiran Kampung Gajah
padatnya parkiran Kampung Gajah

Wahana yang di cover dalam tiket ternyata banyak yang di batasi, seperti skyrider maksimal 60 kg, horse riding yang kalo nggak salah cuma buat yang dibawah berapa meter gitu.. Ada wahana yang bagus seperti 4D, tetapi kita harus bayar lagi Rp 50.000 terus ada Segway (mirip otoped tapi dengan roda gede gitu) kita bayar lagi Rp 150.000 untuk 15 menit. Overall sih saya sebenarnya kecewa karena sudah salah ambil langkah karena membeli tiket terusan, tetapi untungnya agak terobati dengan waterboomnya. Tornadonya mantab! wahana di waterboomnya sangat menarik, ada tornado (yang kita seperti masuk corong raksasa), ada octopus (luncuran panjang gitu deh),dan ada kolam ombak. Tornado dan Octopusnya bikin ketagihan, sayangnya kita harus naik tangga yang cukup melelahkan bagi saya yang udah jarang olah raga ini. Kolam Ombaknya juga lumayan seru, mungkin karena kita rame-rame jadi kita heboh sendiri bikin formasi melawan ombak, tarik-tarikan ban sampai waterboomnya hampir mau tutup. Seru! tapi akibat kehebohan di kolam ombak, tangan saya masih sakit sampe hari ini. 😦

Saran saya bagi yang mau berwisata ke Kampung Gajah, jangan beli tiket terusan dulu, liat-liat aja dulu wahananya apa saja, dan coba 4D dulu aja, tetapi kalo emang mau main di waterboom sih harus beli tiket terusan. Selamat bermain!

a view in Kampung Gajah
a view in Kampung Gajah

DAY 3 – Last Day

Akhirnya, seperti selalu saya tuliskan, tiada pesta yang tak usai. Pada hari Selasa 1 Januari 2013, tiba saatnya pulang dan menyambut rutinitas yang membosankan. Sebelum pulang, pasti ada waktu untuk mencari oleh-oleh. Kami di ajak Pasar Kosambi, pusat kerupuk-kerupuk sepertinya karena disana banyak jenis kerupuk yang dijual kiloan dengan harga yang murah, saya beli banyak saja cuma seharga Rp 44.000, kalo beli dimobil pinggir jalan atau pusat oleh-oleh yang sudah dikemas mungkin bisa ratusan itu saya belanjanya. Di sana ada yang jual cabe dijadikan manisan, saya lupa fotoin, tapi saya coba rasanya nggak jelas gitu deh.. aneh.. 😆 selain beli kerupuk, saya juga beli peyeum dan talas rebus. Yummiyyy.

Puas milih-milih kelithian, kami lanjut makan durian di dekat Prima Rasa (agak nggak enak sih, tapi namanya juga durian, tetap menggugah selera, akhirnya ketan yang saya makan kemarin ketemu durian juga di perut :p). Beli Karuhun dan cakes di Prima Rasa (ini rutinitas kalo ke Bandung sih, nothing special). Beli batagor Yunus (ini juga sudah tradisiii) and finally… time to say “see you” to Bandung Family.. *dadah dadah cantik*

IMG_2378 copy

Kami pulang sekitar jam 4 sore dan sampai di Depok sekitar jam 11 malam.. dan macetnya itu cuma karena antrian orang-orang yang mau singgah ke rest area KM 42! *keluh*

Nice short trip by the way.. 🙂

wow.. such a long post!



Tahanan Rumah

Alhamdulillah libur lumayan panjang di Natal kemarin akhirnya saya bisa pulang ke Pekanbaru, kangen banged sama Propesor a.k.a Zhaza The Niece. 🙂 Awalnya saya udah pasrah sih gak bisa pulang karena hasil pantauan tiket menunjukkan harga yang melangit, tapi karena keteguhan dan kebulatan tekad akhirnya dapat tiket lumayan murah, tapi ya ke Pekanbarunya hari sabtu balik Jakartanya hari selasa penerbangan paling malam, tapi gapapa deh, yang penting puuulaaaanggg.. 😀

Bangun pagi di hari sabtu memang penuh tantangan tapi berhasil dilalui dan sampai di Soetta dengan selamat. Selesai Check in keluar lagi buat sarapan dulu, eh pas masuk lagi ternyata udah final call. Lari-lari pake boot tinggi memang tidak disarankan, tapi lebih baik daripada ketinggalan pesawatkan? hehehe

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Her name is Cleora Baheera Wira Negara

I have a newborn Niece!

She was born in Pekanbaru, 2nd November, 2011.

Her father is my cousin. He sent these pics yesterday…

She is so cute, but I couldn’t hold her yet,,


I want to go home soon… 😦

"Cleora Baheera Wira Negara"
Cleora Baheera Wira Negara
Cleora and her mom, Kak Febby
-The Smiling Baby-

Hugs and kisses,

Aunty Tata