For my dear Kak @MeeZahra

“You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you…”

George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

There is a girl,

born into one family,

a middle child,

the first girl in the family,

named Zelmidianti Adzel.


There is a girl,

build one little family,

married to a charming man,

a man of her dream,

and a daughter everybody loves.


There is a girl,

in a way to be a woman,

never realize that she is indeed a lady,

shining bright,

so radiant.


There is a woman,


by everyone,

especially by me,

her naughty little sister.


There is a woman,

means everything to me,

more than my life,

more than my happiness.





Everything good in this life,

Everything I could hope for,

I wish for it,

dearly for her.


I Love You,

my Sister,



May Allah always loves you too.

from the deepest heart of @darkjasm

Happy little family
Happy little family

a Tribute for @diedroc

Once upon a time, a boy was born to earth in the eleventh of June, 1981.

a cousin of mine.

He was the only son of his parents until his brother born in 1983.

His Parents named him Dody Cahyadi, I don’t have a clue why they name him that.

I used to see him when his family came to visit mine, until my brother passed away and he became my big brother.

I never had a chance to know him, since he always had his life outside the house.

One thing I can concluded about him back then, He was such a fighter.

He fought for what he wanted in his life.

until now.

He ain’t change a thing.

He is still a fighter.

He fights for what he wanted in his life, and sure thing is he is now living his own life, his own dream.

Grab all the opportunities you have and give all your best for what you want in your life.

Never give up your dream.

I can learn from him that impossible is really a fairytale.

Impossible isn’t real.

He inspires me more than he ever imagine.

Happy birthday big Brother!

Happy new life.

Always wishes the best, and only the best for your life.

With a charming lady as your wife and a small men in her womb, I know you can conquer the new world!

Happy Birthday BangDod! Forever Happy in Love with Kak Ira yaaa.. *pic is grabbed from bangdod's facebook*
Happy Birthday BangDod!
Forever Happy in Love with Kak Ira yaaa..
*pic is grabbed from bangdod’s facebook*

Happy birthday.

I will miss you three!


Her name is Cleora Baheera Wira Negara

I have a newborn Niece!

She was born in Pekanbaru, 2nd November, 2011.

Her father is my cousin. He sent these pics yesterday…

She is so cute, but I couldn’t hold her yet,,


I want to go home soon… 😦

"Cleora Baheera Wira Negara"
Cleora Baheera Wira Negara
Cleora and her mom, Kak Febby
-The Smiling Baby-

Hugs and kisses,

Aunty Tata

Ode di 8 Januari

Ribuan detik kuhabisi

Jalanan lengang kutentang

Oh, gelapnya, tiada yang buka

Adakah dunia mengerti?


Miliaran panah jarak kita

Tak jua tumbuh sayapku

Satu-satunya cara yang ada

Gelombang tuk ku bicara


Tahanlah, wahai Waktu

Ada “Selamat Ulang Tahun”

Yang harus tiba tepat waktunya

Untuk dia yang terjaga



Tengah malamnya lewat sudah

Tiada kejutan tersisa

Aku terlunta, tanpa sarana

Saluran tuk kubicara


Jangan berjalan, Waktu

Ada “Selamat Ulang Tahun”

Yang harus tiba tepat waktunya

Semoga dia masih ada



Mundurlah, wahai Waktu

Ada “Selamat Ulang Tahun”

Yang tertahan tuk kuucapkan

Yang harusnya tiba tepat waktunya

Dan rasa cinta yang s’lalu membara

Untuk dia yang terjaga



Dewi “Dee” Lestari

“Selamat Ulang Tahun”



For d One I Love soo much,,



…Zaskia K. Salsabila…

a.k.a Chia

mY LittLe cutest Sister,,

Sekilas Kisah

udah lama kali rasanya niy nggak nulis dsini,,

banyak hal yang telah terjadi,,

semoga setelah ini bisa rutin berkarya demi memajukan bangsa, hahahaha


sedikit berbagi,, sudah lama tak membuka blog t’cinta ini karena alasan klasik, konektivitas  yang terganggu.

Ceritanya begini,, kartu langganan internet ta yang biasanya dipake buat ngenet dirumah menggunakan pong (bahasanya dek chia untuk handphone,red) sudah beberapa lama ini tak bisa digunakan,,


eror terus konektivitynya,,

akhirnya masalah ini alhamdulillah telah teratasi dengan modem baru,, Horrey!!

bukannya mau pamer atau gimana, tapi emang mau pamer,, weQ,,


Kalau ada yang mau protes,, please feel free to leave your comment,,