minutes to midnight

….what could I say??

when d wind isn’t cooling d air anymore,,
when d star isn’t bright anymore,,
when d sky isn’t clear anymore,,

…what should I do??

if my heart is broken,,
if my tears are lessen,,
if my mind is already drown,,

…what will u do??

if I say I like u,,
if I confess that I love u,,

…hate me for loving u,,
…hate me for confessing this,,
…hate me for not even trying to wipe this feeling,,

hate me,, for closing my eyes from d reality,,
reality that “our” existence will never exist,,
reality that “we” will never be together,,

…hate me, for more than thousands reasons,,
…hate me,,
…and i’ll always love you,,

…hate me, but please don’t get away from me,,

-,,this is for  is for Thursday Poets Rally week 27,,-