minutes to midnight

….what could I say??

when d wind isn’t cooling d air anymore,,
when d star isn’t bright anymore,,
when d sky isn’t clear anymore,,

…what should I do??

if my heart is broken,,
if my tears are lessen,,
if my mind is already drown,,

…what will u do??

if I say I like u,,
if I confess that I love u,,

…hate me for loving u,,
…hate me for confessing this,,
…hate me for not even trying to wipe this feeling,,

hate me,, for closing my eyes from d reality,,
reality that “our” existence will never exist,,
reality that “we” will never be together,,

…hate me, for more than thousands reasons,,
…hate me,,
…and i’ll always love you,,

…hate me, but please don’t get away from me,,

-,,this is for  is for Thursday Poets Rally week 27,,-


  1. miguel says:

    puisi ini punya jiwa.

    susunan kata, kalimat dan hubungan tiap bait saling menguatkan.

    saya yakin siapapun yang membacanya, terutama jika pembaca yang memiliki persoalan yang sama, dapat merasakan getaran cinta yang menyakitkan itu.

    apalagi ini kado ultah buat dia.


    tetap berkarya, ok?


    1. *blushed*
      jadi malu,,
      mungkin karena ini ditulis sepenuh hati jadi berasa punya jiwa,,


  2. Jingle says:

    way too cool,
    love your choice here..


  3. Jingle says:

    u make me smile,

    please scan the participant list and comment for a minimum 18 poets,
    of course, the more you visit, the more feedback you get..

    Happy Sunday!


    1. okay,,
      in progress,,


  4. cesargealogo says:

    …what should I do??

    if my heart is broken,,
    if my tears are lessen,,
    if my mind is already drown,

    An intriguing question that needs an answer but If i will be the one to answer these questions, my answer would be like this: Rest for awhile, meditate and see the beauty of the world. Your piece is wonderful.


    1. wow!
      nice rhyme,,
      i would love it if sum1 answer that,,
      thanks for visiting my blog,,


  5. Artswebshow says:

    Hey, this is fantastic


  6. DiamondsAndDogs says:

    Very heartfelt. Excellent entry


    1. many many thanks!


  7. 700miles says:

    wow! you have placed a lot of emotion in your writing i can tell…. i hope the pain will subside….take care….


    1. thank you,,
      yeah i was writing with tears back then,,


  8. Dakshima says:

    loved it, loving it


    1. thankYou thankYou,,


  9. Christina says:

    Heartbreaking reality in this poem. Thank you for your insight.


    1. yeah,,
      it was real heartbreaking moment for me,,
      thanks for visiting,,


  10. nanno1982 says:

    can senese the love in despair..


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