B: she’s beautiful!

G: yes, I know…

B: she’s wonderful!

G: yes, i’m aware…

B: look, she has bright eyes!

G: absolutely…

B: Oh God, she is so gorgeous!

G: ………


B: babe?

G: yes?

B: are you okay?



G: now, would you please turn your eyes to me, dear?

B: what….?

G: don’t you see my heart’s bleeding?

B : …………

…sometimes, i pretend to be casual, but for telling you the truth, i’t’s hurt-every time u turn to other girl,,


  1. That’s so true. It’s good if both are flirting to the same girl, but if one is doing all the flirting while you stand by, it hurts. I hate that. Good poem.


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