B: she’s beautiful!

G: yes, I know…

B: she’s wonderful!

G: yes, i’m aware…

B: look, she has bright eyes!

G: absolutely…

B: Oh God, she is so gorgeous!

G: ………


B: babe?

G: yes?

B: are you okay?



G: now, would you please turn your eyes to me, dear?

B: what….?

G: don’t you see my heart’s bleeding?

B : …………

…sometimes, i pretend to be casual, but for telling you the truth, i’t’s hurt-every time u turn to other girl,,

when a sorry isn’t enough

whadda shock therapy for me,,

a real shock!!

i’ve hurt someone, one of my best friend,,

i’ve hurt her unintentionally, i never meant to hurt her,,

all I know that she’s hurt very badly!

it was deppressing moment for me,,

i went to ask for an apology from her,,

she ask me to let her calm first,, all I can do was waiting her to be calmed down,,

i thought i’ve never been that deppressed all of my life, I felt like i’m d worst person in d world! BAD GIRL!!

all I can say is I’m sooooo sorry,,

and I know that it wasn’t enough, it need more than those words,, an apology need an honest action that express your deep sorry,, you need to be humble and keep begging for an apology,, no need to be like you are d highest person in this world,,

remember that you are the one that need an apology to go through your life without getting deppressed, just remember that u need to clear it, even it cost you more than ur life,,


time is fooling us,,
moving d world so quickly,,
either up or down,,
at least you’re making your step,,
either forward or backward,,

feel mercy,,
to miserable people,,
that stucked,,
due to d closeminded sight,,

feel happy,,
to those who keep struggling,,
even what is left is only a hope,,

keep dreaming,,
keep praying,,

don’t be fooled by d chances!
u will always get to make ur chances!
coz everyone has their own place in this world,,

after all

why do Love very hard to understood??

why people keep going to hide behind their feeling??

never mind what’s happening in d heaRt,,

thought there’s always a second chance,,

or even hOping to make tomorrow’s move,,

and finally regret the love that they didn’t aware before??
or even, the love that ignored just for the self-praise??

is it cost that much??

coz it does hurt in the end,,

pain that we never can ignore,,

life’s never be simple anymore,,