in the night like this… #np

try to read this while listening to mocca song “in the night like this” or “Hanya Satu” for more tears…

it’s been a while since my last post about my ma, not because i stop missing her, I will never have a second without missing her.

I miss her smile..

I miss her smell..

I miss her hug..

I miss her..

I just miss her so much..

this night, i read a tweet from a friend about “still want to be with ma and pa much longer”, I reply “envy” and he asked me whether I am not going back to my hometown this long weekend. It could be a casual question, but for me, it was just like a thunder was hitting my head, a lightning stroke… yeah, reality sucks… even if I came home this holiday, I just can’t be with ma and pa anymore.. 😦

I am so envy you people,,

enjoy every second you have to be with them, to take care of them, to make them proud..

for I only have my father, I am definitely will take care of him, even if some people doubt me, i do not need to proof it to you, evil people, I just need to proof it to my pa..

p.s I’m so  sorry,, please excuse me for this random post with no particular focus….

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