Staying Connected

How is life after baby? FABULOUS!

(if you scrap the zombie-sleepless night, cranky-post partum depression syndromes, a LOT of tears, and many other dramas of a new mom), but still, who want the true answer to a cliche question?

I could go on and on about my ugly truths of first days after Zhas was born, but I am saving that story for another post. This one is a post about how to keep my marriage sane after such a big change: Zhaf.

Me and my husband are an employer, that means we don’t have the luxury of being at home all day. Leaving our home around 6 a.m every weekday and if we are lucky, we could be at home again around 6 p.m – but mostly, we arrive home around 7/8 p.m. Zhaf is our main focus whenever we are at home: playing, biting, laughing, and of course cuddling. To say the truth, our romantic moments become very rare.

So, how can we make through our critical time as husband and wife? Talk. Talking is our main connection right now. Luckily, our office are near to each other that enable us to travel together every morning and sometime also in the afternoon.We would savor the precious journey and make it our moment to kindle the flame. We would share what’s happening in our daily life while in the office or simply sharing any story that cross our mind. I love these moments. It is our way to keep the bond.

Other than talking, thanks to our new gigantic internet package from a certain postpaid provider, we have a new routine: watching romantic movies or funny TV Show. Sometime, we would take silly snaps in the middle of the infamous Jakarta’s Traffic jam. Openness, laughs, and silliness are our charms.

That is our way, what is yours?




  1. rheindun says: two so sweet :’* whatever we do, treasuring the time with loved ones is very precious and important thing in this life. While our way is to enjoy eating favorite food together, go out to fulfill late-at-nite culinary desire after the kids fall asleep πŸ˜€ and watching great movies.. πŸ™‚


    1. darkjasm says:

      wow.. I Need a private lesson on how to fulfill late-at-nite culinary desire. πŸ˜€


      1. rheindun says:

        I’ll tell you how: ambil motor, boncengan, nikmati angin cepoi2, cari warung jajanan yang masih buka, trus makan dehh..hehe.. Di tempat aq soalnya baaanyak kali jajanan #gagalpakeenglish πŸ˜€


      2. darkjasm says:

        hahaha.. kalau gitu ganti pertanyaannya: Gimana cara supaya nggak ikut ketiduran bareng bocahe? πŸ˜†


      3. rheindun says:

        Healahh..mamaknya tukang tidur nih..anak tidur dy ikut terlena yak..haha.. harus ada tekad yg kuat buk untuk jajan..wkwk.. Eh itu fotonya tata yg nyetir apa di-mirror fotonya? #salahfokus


      4. darkjasm says:

        hahaha.. bukan ta yang nyetir.. kalau snapchat jadinya begituuu.. πŸ˜€


      5. rheindun says:

        Ooh.. Baru aja mw blg perkasa haha.. Daerah tata ke kantor kan maceet


      6. darkjasm says:

        paraaahhhh.. jadi ingat jaman dulu pernah diputer-puter taksi deh.. πŸ˜†


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