Unlocking my mind….in Garut

Okay, I join The April Writing 101 in Blogging University (after I couldn’t complete it last year), hoping that I can complete it this year.

Our first task is to write our stream of consciousness in 20 minutes. I had to put my phone in stopwatch mode in order to keep my mind on this task.

I have no idea what to write, so I just write what cross my mind. Everybody else is writing about their Easter-related moment, since I am not celebrating Easter, I just enjoy the holiday and I will write about it.

I went to Garut, in West Java, Indonesia to visit the grave of my fiance’s grandmother before our wedding in this May. I really love this journey because I could see the beauty of Garut and how cold the air there. We went there Friday early morning but the toll road was already packed with cars and the traffic jam was already welcoming us there. The 5 hours journey became 10 but with the green view and nice food, everything is bearable.

Beside visiting the Grave, we also went to Garut for its Leather Market. I had to buy shoes for my dad there. They sell many leather-product with great quality in such a very reasonable price. I spend approximately $40 only for 2 sandals and 2 formal shoes! if you happen to be in West Java, just don’t miss the opportunity to shop leather in Sukaregang Leather Market, in Garut.

We also visit the Chocolatier, another Garut’s finest product. The name is Chocodot, it is known as the first chocolate maker which blend chocolate with dodol (traditional sweet-sticky food from Garut). They have many kind of chocolate with fancy name. They also sell it in a very reasonable price!

The best Holiday is the one which make our tummy happy!

Argh, I still have another 5 minutes to write. I should write about where we spend the night. We weren’t planning to stay overnight in Garut, because we are going to go to Bandung to spend two nights there but because of the traffic jam, we had to stay one night in Garut. Long holiday is not a time to an unplanned stay-over journey. Almost all the hotel is fully booked, with Jakarta-plate cars in the yard. Thank God we finally get room in Familie Ayu Hotel, an old but comfortable hotel. We are lucky, with only $20/room/night!

The street in front of Familie Ayu Hotel, Jl. Ronggolawe, Garut, West Java, Indonesia
The street in front of Familie Ayu Hotel, Jl. Ronggolawe, Garut, West Java, Indonesia

So, have you ever experience the unplanned journey that turn out to be very fun? please share..

….my 20 minutes is finally over. Yeay!

Menyerah pada Mainstream..

Saya sebenarnya bukan orang yang anti mainstream, tetapi pada dasarnya saya adalah orang yang anti keramaian. Weekend kemarin, demi sodara saya yang datang dari Balikpapan, saya akhirnya mendatangi pusat keramain Ibukota pada hari Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013 yang lalu, Peringatan HUT Jakarta ke 486 di sepanjang jalan Thamrin. Demi menghindari macet dan kesulitan mencari parkir, kami berangkat dari rumah sekitar pukul 13.30 dan akhirnya memutuskan parkir di Plaza Indonesia (sampai di PI sekitar pukul 15.00). Kurangnya riset mendalam tentang perjalanan hari itu membuat kami tidak tahu kalau PI pada hari sabtu itu tutup pkl 16.00 dan keramaian baru mulai pukul 18.00. Akhirnya kami memilih untuk nonton Man of Steel dulu sambil menunggu waktu. Setelah selesai nonton, sekitar pukul 18.00 parkiran PI sudah sepi, akhirnya kami mencari parkiran di daerah sekitar GI dan mendapat tempat di depan Thamrin City, tidak terlalu jauh jika ditempuh dengan jalan kaki.

Sebelum berperang dengan keramaian kami makan nasi goreng dulu, setelah itu kami mulai berbaur dengan manusia yang mulai melimpah di seputar Bundaran HI. Ini pengalaman pertama saya yang membuat saya akhirnya tahu kalo di dekat air mancur Bundaran HI itu lantainya basah.. 😆

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