The Forever Songs in My Life

Do I really need to explain this?

Every one loves Harry Potter! (Okay, it is an overgeneralizing, but I refuse to believe that there is a person out there who hates Harry) 😀

Just by hearing this melody could bring all the great memories of our adventure with the Boy Who Lived.

I was in my second grade of Junior High School when my friend introduced me to Harry Potter – The series already reached the third book if I’m not mistaken. Almost 15 years passed since that life changing moment. I am all grown up now but every time I hear this song, I feel like I am back to the safety of my mom’s warm embrace.

Today’s prompt of writing 101 is to write about three most important songs in my life. When I read that prompt this morning, my head suddenly full of this original score of Harry Potter. While I already made up my mind about the first song, I still have to choose the other two and it’s really painful that i found it was such a hard task for me. *sigh*

At the end of the day, I don’t have to dig my memory and find the perfect two songs for this post – they come to my mind in their own way! I was browsing and reading my old post when I stumble upon a post (Sorry, I won’t put a link because the post is full of hatred – my old self was a grumpy little lady). The post remind me of a song that used to be a soundtrack to lighten my mood. The song is In The End by Linkin Park.

Do you know what is my favorite part of this song? The iconic melody at the beginning!

Linkin Park had succeed in making me believe they understand what I feel : I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn’t even matter. Exactly, nothing matters.

The third song – or like every body else love to say – the last but not the least, is a song from my home country. The singer is my long time favorite singer from my generation. Sherina Munaf. She is a very talented singer who can play many musical instruments : piano is my favorite!

Sebelum Selamanya, literally translated as “before forever” is my own soundtrack for my big event next month.

Couples have to remember the first time they fall in love before promising each other a “forever”.

Potret masa lalu

Saya ingat, zaman SMP dulu ada satu sosok lelaki (ceilah…) yang selalu saya bayangkan akan menjadi cinta sejati saya, lelaki impian saya…

Dia benar-benar sebuah keajaiban bagi hidup saya, dia bisa membuat saya berlatih bahasa Inggris dengan sangat giat, dia bisa membuat saya jumpalitan tak karuan setiap mendengar suaranya, dia benar-benar bisa membuat saya seperti orang gila setiap melihat wajahnya…


Zaman edan memang masa-masa itu…

kemarin, setelah sekian lama dia tak begitu mengusik pikiran saya lagi, saya kembali teringat obsesi masa kecil saya itu…

walaupun saya sudah tak mengagumi dan menggilainya seperti dulu lagi, tetapi suaranya tetap mampu menghadirkan rasa syahdu, memanggil rindu yang selalu tersimpan rapi disudut jendela hati, membuka kenangan-kenangan masa kecil yang sangat luar biasa….

Ah… masa itu… masa di mana kita bisa bebas mencintai, dan tak pernah ingin memiliki…

selalu, Dia akan selalu menjadi idola masa kecil ku yang tak pernah padam, dan mungkin bukan hanya bagiku, tapi juga bagi beribu orang lainnya… karena musiknya sangat jenius… kharisma ia dan teman-temannya yang tertuang pada setiap musik mereka penuh inspirasi… aku akan selalu menjadi penikmat, walau dalam diam…

always… Chester Bennington…

Linkin Park!


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