a Love Letter for Mommy

dear Mom..

i wanted to write something nice for you, but I think I’ve lose my ability to write poetry these days. Many things have happened to me, Mom. Many things.

People said that if you need to be calm down, come to your mommy and you’ll feel safe.

I wanted to tell you stories, about my happiness, my sadness, my dreams, my broken heart, my obsession, my twisted mind, my bizarre points of views. I wanted to tell you everything about my life. everything.

People said that your mommy will appreciate your story, even if your story isn’t worth to hear after all.

I wanted to show you how much I love you, how much your love means to me, how much my fear for losing you, how much I need your support, or just how much I miss you.

People said that you need to acknowledge your parents how much you love them before it’s too late to tell them.

Do you remember how I appreciate your cooking, How I love weekend when you made something for us just to make us wanted to be at home all the time?

Do you remember how excited we were when we watched daddy played Tennis, how we yell, dance and eat after that?

Do you remember how worried we are when we hear that my sister fall from the stair?

Do you remember how i sneaked to your bed late at night when i couldn’t sleep because of the stomachache and you need to rub my back all night just to calm me?

I do remember those, Mom. I will always remember those memories for those are the only things I could done when I really want to hug you.

I Miss You and I love You.

Happy birthday, Mom. even you’ve stopped aging since 2003.

Happy birthday, Ma.




  1. kathyclem says:

    What a beautiful letter. Thank you for sharing this!


    1. darkjasm says:

      the person I wrote for is more beautiful than the letter. thank you for the appreciation Kathy.. 🙂


  2. kathyclem says:

    I love your letter to your mother, because the project I am working right now, my next show, (M is for Mother) is about mothers’ love. It is mainly about my mother, but also about my grandmother, and great grandmothers who I didn’t know, but have stories from them. As I work on my project, I realize how lucky I was to receive all my mother’s love and how full of life and beautiful she was. I wish I could realized this more and appreciated her more while she was alive, I feel the same for my grandmother.


    1. darkjasm says:

      What a great project. I hope it’s going well.. I also feel the same toward my mother, I could have appreciated her more.. And I didn’t have a chance to meet my grandmothers..


      1. kathyclem says:

        I was lucky to live with my grandparents in El Salvador Central America when I grew up. My grandmother was a real sweetheart and loved us all. My mother loved and enjoyed life and she was also an artist.
        My project is going very well. The show is coming up soon. I am working very hard to get it done. The best part is that I have learned a lot about my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.


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