For my dear Kak @MeeZahra

“You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you…”

George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

There is a girl,

born into one family,

a middle child,

the first girl in the family,

named Zelmidianti Adzel.


There is a girl,

build one little family,

married to a charming man,

a man of her dream,

and a daughter everybody loves.


There is a girl,

in a way to be a woman,

never realize that she is indeed a lady,

shining bright,

so radiant.


There is a woman,


by everyone,

especially by me,

her naughty little sister.


There is a woman,

means everything to me,

more than my life,

more than my happiness.





Everything good in this life,

Everything I could hope for,

I wish for it,

dearly for her.


I Love You,

my Sister,



May Allah always loves you too.

from the deepest heart of @darkjasm

Happy little family
Happy little family

baby.. you’re a fool #mocca

kinda suit my mood..

a song of Mocca

baby, you don’t know
what you’re been missing
you’re gonna loose
my smile and my tears
but mostly
you gonna loose my heart

baby, you don’t know
how much you hurt me
you’re gonna loose
everything about me

oh baby
you’re breaking my heart

for all this time,
i’ve been tryin’
for all this time,
i’ve been cryin’

and now it’s all gone
and your time is up!

baby, you don’t know
how much you hurt me
you’re gonna loose
everything about me
oh, baby you’re a fool!

baby… you’re a fool!

your game, your rule

so don’t blame me if you got hurt in the end



When you’re gone

You said that everything will be better soon.

You said that everyone will be better soon.

You said that every moment will be better soon.

You said that every second will be better soon.



after you’ve gone.


everything is going back to how it used to be.

everyone is going back to how they used to be.

every moment is going back to how it used to be.

every second is going back to how it used to be.



after you’ve gone.


no more warm heart.

no more togetherness.

no more sweet smile.

no more helping hands.



after you’ve gone.


every little thing is turn to be the same as before you came.

no matter how many people say that Eid is not the ending, It’s the beginning.

what we’ve accomplished in Ramadhan seem to go away.


more radiant than before.



after you’ve gone.

I miss you already.


Do you know what I feel now?
I feel like I’ve been wasting my time..

I started to feel like it is finally the time to trust you, to trust that you finally have the sense in your mind.

I have never been so wrong.
You are the same old man.
Same old ignorant man.

How could someone be so mean and act like they have no heart at all?
How could someone be so cruel and easily broke others’ dream?
How could someone be so powerful but put it in the wrong way?

explain to me..
I am desperately need your explanation..
about how the justice ever serve you?
about how the destiny never disappoint you?

look at me..
now look closer and just look into my eyes..
soon enough, I will make you feel remorse..
You will regret the day you turn me down..
because you just make me wanna be more than an ordinary person..
and you will never get the credit..

I feel the day will come soon..
the day I need to thank you for letting me down now..
because I learn to do more and more..
just to make sure I will never be someone like you!

a note from a bestfriend

Orang lain selalu datang dan pergi dalam hidup kita. Begitu juga halnya dengan segala sesuatu yang ada di muka bumi. Gak akan ada yang bertahan selamanya. Memang begitulah takdir yang sudah digariskan oleh-Nya. Semua berlalu, menghilang dan terlupakan seiring waktu. Gak bisa diperlambat, gak bisa dipercepat, apalagi dihentikan.

Apa yang kita alami di masa lalu, akan menjadi kenangan di masa kini dan menjadi pelajaran untuk masa depan. Biarlah menjadi memori indah yang selalu menghiasi ingatan kita. Tarik hikmah dari tiap serpihan takdir yang telah kita lewati. Itu akan jadi pengalaman berharga dari pada hanya menyesali diri.

Sedih memang kalo ingat segala hal yang ‘tidak sempat’ kita lakukan saat kita masih dikelilingi teman. Tapi bukan berarti kita boleh berputus asa, mari kita rajut lagi memori baru yang menyenangkan bersama apapun dan siapapun yang menemani kita menjalani setiap detik perputaran waktu.

a respond for this post

Courtesy of Ridho M. Dhani.

p.s Thank you for not asking anything and thank you for not laughing at me, at all.


a Love Letter for Mommy

dear Mom..

i wanted to write something nice for you, but I think I’ve lose my ability to write poetry these days. Many things have happened to me, Mom. Many things.

People said that if you need to be calm down, come to your mommy and you’ll feel safe.

I wanted to tell you stories, about my happiness, my sadness, my dreams, my broken heart, my obsession, my twisted mind, my bizarre points of views. I wanted to tell you everything about my life. everything.

People said that your mommy will appreciate your story, even if your story isn’t worth to hear after all.

I wanted to show you how much I love you, how much your love means to me, how much my fear for losing you, how much I need your support, or just how much I miss you.

People said that you need to acknowledge your parents how much you love them before it’s too late to tell them.

Do you remember how I appreciate your cooking, How I love weekend when you made something for us just to make us wanted to be at home all the time?

Do you remember how excited we were when we watched daddy played Tennis, how we yell, dance and eat after that?

Do you remember how worried we are when we hear that my sister fall from the stair?

Do you remember how i sneaked to your bed late at night when i couldn’t sleep because of the stomachache and you need to rub my back all night just to calm me?

I do remember those, Mom. I will always remember those memories for those are the only things I could done when I really want to hug you.

I Miss You and I love You.

Happy birthday, Mom. even you’ve stopped aging since 2003.

Happy birthday, Ma.




Once upon a time, there are four youngsters tied by one thing called friendship, met in one activity called Scouting, and in a setting called High School

One called Koemp, as an informal leader of the team, always being a volunteer to done anything for the team. He’s an H in H.A.T.i

One called Cintauw, the most quiet person of the team, smart boy but quite a don juan 😀 can’t judge what he’s thinking just by looking at his face for he has a flat no expression face. Yes, he’s an A in H.A.T.i

One called Honey, the energetic girl of the team, provide her house as a headquarter, letting the boy hang in there till midnight, while she was having her beauty sleep. She’s a T in H.A.T.i

The last one called Xaiank, the junior in the team. The real scout member of the team. Calm girl with an evil grin and creative mind. wonder why the i in H.A.T.i is the only non capitalized letter? yes, she’s i, just i being i

Best friends. That is what they call themselves. even they are not seeing each other often nowadays, but they know deep in their hearts that they always have each other.

This post is supposed to be posted in november 9 or november 10, for Koemp is having his wedding on that day, but forgive me for my weak mind, i can’t make it back then.

Happy wedding dear Koemp

We’re so sorry we couldn’t be there, but you know that our spirit is there, our prayer was with you that day and will always for you till then.

We love you Koemp, we know you know!

Happy Wedding


Hendri Efendi


Siti Rofi’ah

here are for you both!

the newly wed couple
we know koemp, we know how you love pink so much! we just know… *smirk*
happy.. happy.. forever in blessings!
p.s nanti kalo kami ngumpul di Pekanbaru,
kenalin ya koemp,
kami janji gak bakal malu-maluin koq..
*kalo ingat ya.. haha




Meski bukan pacarmu aku cinta kamu
Hatiku hanya untukmu kaulah cintaku
Salahkah bila ku cemburu saat kau dengannya
Salahkah bila aku mau jadi pacarmu

Seorang teman memutar lagu Tompi ini di perjalanan tadi, a very thoughtful choice, at least for me..
Mencintai dia yang sudah berdua?
Who am I to judge?