It’s Just Another Way to Communicate

It’s a fast respond for this post from one good friend of mine

Courtesy of Gustilaya Riza


is a way you should do when you communicate

Look closer

Open your heart and mind


is what you need while you communicate

You and Me,

different person and different personality

Don’t push someone to understand you, when you are not willing to do the same


is not a BAD way to communicate

Life is gonna be hard if you are really serious

You just need to take a right time to do it.


How do we communicate, you said?

Well, I have no Idea how to do it the way you want

But hey..

Sometime, when you really need it,

just tell it all in the simplest way.




and when everything is going to be really bad,

believe me.

You always have someone who love you by your side,

understanding you. Even when you say nothing.

That is what happen, when your heart communicates.

P.s Thank you very much for these lovely words, Agust!

I feel blessed to have friends like mine.



baby.. you’re a fool #mocca

kinda suit my mood..

a song of Mocca

baby, you don’t know
what you’re been missing
you’re gonna loose
my smile and my tears
but mostly
you gonna loose my heart

baby, you don’t know
how much you hurt me
you’re gonna loose
everything about me

oh baby
you’re breaking my heart

for all this time,
i’ve been tryin’
for all this time,
i’ve been cryin’

and now it’s all gone
and your time is up!

baby, you don’t know
how much you hurt me
you’re gonna loose
everything about me
oh, baby you’re a fool!

baby… you’re a fool!

your game, your rule

so don’t blame me if you got hurt in the end



When you’re gone

You said that everything will be better soon.

You said that everyone will be better soon.

You said that every moment will be better soon.

You said that every second will be better soon.



after you’ve gone.


everything is going back to how it used to be.

everyone is going back to how they used to be.

every moment is going back to how it used to be.

every second is going back to how it used to be.



after you’ve gone.


no more warm heart.

no more togetherness.

no more sweet smile.

no more helping hands.



after you’ve gone.


every little thing is turn to be the same as before you came.

no matter how many people say that Eid is not the ending, It’s the beginning.

what we’ve accomplished in Ramadhan seem to go away.


more radiant than before.



after you’ve gone.

I miss you already.


Do you know what I feel now?
I feel like I’ve been wasting my time..

I started to feel like it is finally the time to trust you, to trust that you finally have the sense in your mind.

I have never been so wrong.
You are the same old man.
Same old ignorant man.

How could someone be so mean and act like they have no heart at all?
How could someone be so cruel and easily broke others’ dream?
How could someone be so powerful but put it in the wrong way?

explain to me..
I am desperately need your explanation..
about how the justice ever serve you?
about how the destiny never disappoint you?

look at me..
now look closer and just look into my eyes..
soon enough, I will make you feel remorse..
You will regret the day you turn me down..
because you just make me wanna be more than an ordinary person..
and you will never get the credit..

I feel the day will come soon..
the day I need to thank you for letting me down now..
because I learn to do more and more..
just to make sure I will never be someone like you!


Meski bukan pacarmu aku cinta kamu
Hatiku hanya untukmu kaulah cintaku
Salahkah bila ku cemburu saat kau dengannya
Salahkah bila aku mau jadi pacarmu

Seorang teman memutar lagu Tompi ini di perjalanan tadi, a very thoughtful choice, at least for me..
Mencintai dia yang sudah berdua?
Who am I to judge?

I could pretend to be a tree..

..I can swing my branches and leaves, following the wind


..I can stand still when human hurts me


..I can keep silent even i hear what is going on around me


..I can keep growing a flower, after one flower cut for women’s happiness


..I can always be strong even i have no one to talk to


..I will always here, although I know human only want some or more things from me and leave me after that.