freaked out with @mmphee and @dadi182

I would die everyday, waiting for you…

- Thousand years, Christina Perri and David Hodges

Many people say that we won’t treasure something so much if we never feel how pain is to lose them. Losing is pain, yes, and i’ve befriended pain for so long time, but this time, I won’t write about pain, i’ll write about joy and happiness.

For many people, Ramadhan is one precious gift from Allah for humankind, and Ramadhan always has its own charm for me. One of the many things that Ramadhan could give us is chance to share something, not because you can’t share in the other 11 months, but Ramadhan always makes it easier to happen.

Sharing togetherness with my friend is my own precious remedy, especially after all the “higher education drama”, meet up with my friends can somehow cure the pain.

I always love being around my high school classmates, I don’t know why but I feel so relax when i’m with them… (back in school, I used to be their little sister because of my age and I also has unique name for some of them whom really close to me!)

Ramadhan this year bring me back to them, closer.. Last night, I meet two of them, and I suddenly realize how much I miss them, how much i miss my old classmate! This feeling is somehow warming my heart, so instead of feeling pain after losing something, I learn that we also can feel how we miss something if the “thing” is coming back to you.. and yes, I feel like I would die everyday, waiting for you.. ūüôā

Thanks for great night last night a’ @dadi182 and Kav @mmphee, you both rock my Ramadhan this year!

..please enjoy our freak reunion..

location: Grand Indonesia (dinner @ Blacksteer)

Starring : Fitrisia (@mmphee) a.k.a Kakav from Kakavivi

Kakav is in the left..

She is really smart academically, but unfortunately she is a kind of “slow loading” person that we used to make fun of… (she will laugh at something funny in class after we finish laughing at it! and oh yes, she had a twin in this unique situation, name Rinda Airin). Graduate form Electricity Engineering of Bandung Institute of Technology makes her really loves Bandung and no wonder that she spend most of her holiday in Bandung (she get 2 days holiday after 3 days at work, how lucky!)

also starring “the star of this reunion” : Dadi Agung Putra (@dadi182) a.k.a a’Bandel

This gentleman is also smart and after 1 year not seeing each other, I realize that nothing has changed in his appearance, just as handsome as usual. He has biggest obsession for Blink 182 till now that make him always add 182 in almost all of his nicks! last night reunion revealed that he is now truly “Anak Gaul Jakarta”, hahaha, I guess it’s because he is graduated from Industrial Engineering of University of Indonesia.

and here are the freakompilations



I Survived!

Forget to bring your handphone is a nightmare. Better left your wallet instead, they said.

If it is so, then I was experiencing a real nightmare today. I forget to bring my cells to the office, which I realize when i’ve already arrived in my office and wondering why there was such a silent during my journey.

I tried to stay positive that it is a chance for me to have a peaceful time, no disturbance from anyone else. Then I finally remember that I had to return the “Malay Dress” to the “Sanggar Melayu”, asked by my brother, to one part of Jakarta that I’ve never been before, called Pondok Bambu. DISASTER!

Arrived in the office, I call my Father to inform him that i cannot be reach until i get home tonight, call Mr.J to tell him that he can email me in case he miss me #eaaa and then call my “Still-in-honeymoon-at-bali Brother” to email me address of the Sanggar Melayu.

I had a very peaceful day in the office, so peaceful that i became sooooo sleepy… or maybe it was because i’ve been out of the town for some moment that made being in the office became more boring than it usually did. haha

Back to my so-called-disaster plan, as soon as i received the email from my brother, i ask people in my room how to get to the address in a very easy way and jam-free way. Got the answer, although i haven’t understand it perfectly, i just hope for my best luck that afternoon.

And the luck did show it self, in a form of my friend name Miss Mcuy.

I accidentally bumped into her in my way to my car and an idea came in a sudden that her home is around the address, so i begged her to please explain me the detail about how to get there and she offered to lead me the way to somewhere very close to the address instead. What a kind girl.. Thank You Mcuy!

Thanks to Mcuy, she lead my way till Klender and it is so close from the address, I just need to follow my brother instruction. It’s quite easy tho, if my brother did give me the right instruction. I found the street that he indicated in the directions, i just need to find an “ind*mart” and turn to left afterward, but it turned out that no ind*mart in that street. I have to go back to the street again and I found “Alf*mart” instead, and with all my guts, i decide to turn left there and voila! that was the street and I found the Sanggar!

-Mission Accomplished-

for the moment…

until I realized that I still have to find my way back home. For some people, it could be an easy A, but for me, it was a hard thing! I’ve often lost in my journey to my home from the place that i’ve known pretty well, and since i just follow Mcuy on my way to that place, i haven’t paid any attention to my route that afternoon and it was already dark when I wanted to go home, so it was another DISASTER for me. hmm.. I guess I just rely on my feeling and became very aware of the direction boards. This is when I need to trust my self and the Self fulfilling prophecy* would come true.. long story short, i finally arrived safely at home. pfiuh, what a journey! ūüėÄ

Another disaster was waiting for me in the house..

I reunited with my cells and I wanted to inform Mr.J that I have the mission accomplished, but turned out that my cells run out of credit. I couldn’t believe it because i ‘m sure that i have around 30grands credit the night before, then I remembered something about calling Mr.J last night that I couldn’t recall a “good-bye”, yes, i was sleeping while calling him and from the “120 minutes and 30 seconds” call log, I knew that he fell in sleep too.. d’oh!


Lucky that I still had my “a taste from heaven” Durian Pancake from my best friend Ji for dinner.. yes, I am too lazy to cook and had no cash to order a delivery service. This time, Luck show in a form of Durian Pancake..

Luck does exist, in many forms.

…and for me, Luck is part of Blessings from Allah..
* i would like to write about it some time in the near future..


11 November 2011 or 11-11-11. That is the most awaited date in the world, or at least in Indonesia, where many people held their wedding ceremony or done the birth surgery, or other special occasion, but not for me, i’m not a fan of that kind of worship. I never planned to done something special that day, but occasionally, Allah had planned something for me. I will never forget what was happening that day… or at least not to forget it in the near future, maybe i would forget about it sometime in the far future, who knows?

In that day, Friday to be exact, i got to go through my Unplanned Journey. Yeah.. my father is hospitalized, in ICU.. who want to spend a day with her father facing the death threat? not me…

Thank God… He is all better now, not in fully recovery condition yet, but fresh enough to force himself back to his office no matter how hard we forbid him. And I am too, back to my routine, to my office, facing the sophisticated J-Town.

My father’s condition is all my concern now,, He’s happiness is all that matter for me now..

I would like to thank all my friend that help me through this nightmare, i am very lucky to have you all.. me and my family thank you all.. please keep praying for my father health, i pray for yours too…


The Dark Jasmine

23 years of life..


Alhamdulillah for all the things happened in my life, i couldn’t ask for more wonderful life then mine..

it’s all I could live for and it’s what i’m grateful for..


earlier this night, I got surprise cake from my best friends, flour and egg bathing in the middle of the night, frozen because of it!

feel so blessed, having wonderful friends like them..

Banyak luka, duka dan suka sudah kita lalui bersama.. semuanya penuh cerita, tentang saling percaya, tentang yang menganiaya, tentang semua, semua cinta yang kita bagi bersama..

Belum lama sih mengenal kalian, tapi selalu merasa beruntung punya kalian, ada yang selalu bisa diandalkan, walau itu hanya untuk sekedar perlu pelampiasan.. ūüôā

i love you all!

*would like to mention you all here, but it’s kinda too risky to be done, you remain in my heart, forever!* *ketjup* *baca doa tolak bala*


Tiap tahun kita akan melewati “hari ulang tahun” dimana orang-orang memperlakukan kita dengan cara berbeda, dan aku suka itu.. entah memperlakukan dengan istimewa, atau malah sengaja dibuat kecewa, yang jelas akan selalu bahagia.. ūüôā

*can’t stop smiling*

bagiku, hingga hari ini sudah 23 kali hari ulang tahun kulalui..

tahun-tahun pertama kehidupanku dipenuhi dengan papa, mama, kakak dan keluarga dekat saja..

walaupun hingga tamat SD selalu diadakan perayaan oleh mama papa, tapi entah siapa yang datang pun aku sudah tak ingat lagi, hanya sekelebat bayangan keramaian yang membekas. *cuma kue mama yang masih terasa lezatnya di lidah*

Mulai menginjak SMP, mulai mengenal persahabatan. Di awali dengan teman-teman dekat rumah dan akhirnya aku malah lebih dekat dengan teman di sekolah, karena memang sebagian waktu dihabiskan di sekolah.

Saat SMP aku mengenal teman-teman yang bisa menjadi sahabat yang tak lekang oleh waktu, ada yang hingga kini bertahan selalu bersama walau tak lagi kita sering bertatap muka, *padahal kita satu kota ya, Mit? miss you, hiks*, ada yang karena bersama di Pramuka, membuat kami sangat memahami satu sama lain, luar biasa rasanya mempunyai sahabat seperti mereka, benar-benar bisa saling mengerti tanpa mesti bicara.. ūüôā amazing friends full of miracle… nambah satu ya dari Pramuka di zaman SMA?? ūüôā *tribute to Xaiank, Cinta dan Kump + Kak Q*

Teman sekelas di kelas 2 SMA adalah teman-teman yang paling berharga buat saya, karena mereka yang membantu saya melewati masa terberat dalam kehidupan saya..

saat saya berulang tahun yang ke 15 tahun di tahun 2003, saya tak bisa lagi merasakan nikmatnya kue ulang tahun buatan mama lagi, karena persis 5 hari sebelum saya berulang tahun mama telah tiada… namun memiliki teman-teman yang penuh kasih itu membuat saya tetap bisa merasakan sedikit kebahagiaan di masa tergelap hidup saya.

…29 September 2003…

bel istirahat berbunyi, tapi sang ketua kelas menutup pintu kelas agar tidak ada yang keluar kelas dengan alasan ada yang kehilangan uang lagi (beberapa minggu sebelumnya hal ini pernah terjadi juga di kelas) sehingga dia ingin me”razia” isi tas kami.. tapi ternyata malah Black Forest Cake yang muncul dihadapan saya… saya terharu, tak menyangka mereka akan sangat perhatian pada saya.. itu benar-benar titik dimana saya akhirnya percaya bahwa saya mampu menjalani hidup meski tak bersama mama…

mungkin bagi Spregen 8 (nama kelas saya saat itu) apa yang mereka lakukan tidak begitu berarti bagi mereka, atau itu hal yang biasa mereka lakukan, tapi bagi saya, itu sangat berarti dan momen terindah dalam hidup saya.. mereka menunjukkan kepada saya bahwa mereka masih menyayangi saya dan tidak memandang saya dengan berbeda setelah saya kehilangan mama.. saat itu saya yakin mereka akan selalu ada jika saya membutuhkan mereka, dan itu terbukti hingga saat ini.. mereka teman yang sangat berarti dalam hidup saya, walaupun mereka mungkin tak menyadarinya… dan saat itulah saya bertekad kalau saya juga akan selalu ada jika mereka membutuhkan… I do really miss you all guys!

and then I went to Yogya… for my university years! great years there, great years!

another adventure, another bunch of friends, but still.. they remain as amazing as my other best friends..

setiap perjalanan hidup saya, saya menjumpai banyak orang, ada yang lekas berlalu, ada yang singgah sebentar dan ada yang memilih untuk tetap tinggal, mungkin bukan dalam wujud nyata, tetapi imaji mereka selalu nyata dalam benak saya.

Gank Asyiq, begitu kami menamakan gerombolan nakal kami.. banyak hal, banyak kenakalan, entah itu nonton hingga larut malam, karaoke hingga tempatnya tutup, atau pulang pagi setelah berangin-anginan di alun-alun kidul.. great time, loves!

ada juga teletubbies di kampus.. sungguh, aku rindu pelukan kalian, my smart and brilliant friends! semoga sukses selalu dikehidupan kalian…

…kini semua kenangan itu masih ada dalam pikiran, selalu mampu menghangatkan hati yang mulai beku, selalu…selalu menghadirkan rasa sendu.. oh kini aku sungguh merindu!

psstt… now i’m waiting for “you”! ūüôā

thanks for the surprise…

January 6, 2011

here come the 6th day of January in 2011,, another year has passed,,

it’s your birthday again, my dear,,

i know that u aren’t celebrate birthday anymore, i just wanna share this as my b’day gift for u, Rinda Airin


remember the pizzas that we used to eat?

remember how long was it take us to finish all the dishes that we order?

remember the nights we used to talk till dawn?

remember the songs that we used to sing?

remember the day when u accompany me to find my office?

remember the promise that i cannot keep?

i can’t be there in ur happy wedding ceremony,,

i can’t be there when u need me,,

i can’t be there when u mostly just want to see me,,

i’ve been a terrible friend,,

bad friend,,

that i never meant to,,

i don’t ever want to hurt u, but i always do that in the end,,

i’m so sorry,,

i Love U!

I miss U so,,

please forgive me,,

Seorang Rinda Airin

I remember all the things that we shared and the promise we made just You and I

I remember all the laughter we shared,, all the wishes we made above the roof that day

do you remember,, when we were dancing on the rain in that december

I remember,, the way you read your books

yes I remember the way you tied your shoes

yes I remember the cake you love the most

I remember the way you drinking coffee

yes I remember,, when we were dancing on the rain in that december

and the¬†way YOU¬†SMILED AT ME,, yes I remember……

[I remember, OST catatan akhir sekolah]


I remember YOU,,

Every single thing of yours,,

even if our “catatan akhir sekolah” already written so long ago,,

here is something I¬†wanna give you¬†in this special day of¬†yours…

6th January 2008, your¬†birthday… My¬†dEar!!

Rinda Airin,,

seorang yang luar biasa, setidaknya bagi diriku

engkau mengajarkan ku begitu banyak hal,,

banyak, bahkan mungkin tanpa nda sadari,,

banyak pelajaran berharga,,

yang menyadarkanku bahwa dirimu selalu ada untukku,,

bahwa persahabatan yang abadi itu nyata

banyak hal sudah kita lewati bersama, meski banyak kenangan tak indah karena keegoisanku

namun kau tetap ada untukku,,

sehingga hilang semua gundah itu, menyisakan hanya indah,,

indah saat bersamamu,,

Rinda Airin,,

seorang sahabat yang luar biasa,,

ta selalu hanya bisa menyakiti, namun ketika itu lah ta belajar,,

ada seseorang yang sangat berharga untuk dianggap tak ada

ada rasa sakit ketika melihatmu tak disisiku, tertawa tanpa ada aku

namun ta akhirnya mengerti, bahwa hidup tak hanya tentang kita

hidup berisi beragam warna, sangat beragam

Nda mengajari ta, sangat sayang jika melihat hanya hitam dan putih,,

hidup tak hanya hitam dan putih, namun selalu ada pilihan untuk membuatnya penuh warna

Nda yang begitu sempurna,,

darimu lah ta belajar bermain warna,,

dari nda lah ta belajar untuk mencoba warna merah,,

mencoba memilih keberanian untuk menjadi bagian ta,,

bahwa hidup takkan berubah jika bukan kita yang mengubahnya,,

terimakasih Nda,,

tak banyak yang dapat ta berikan di hari indah ini,,

bahkan mungkin bukan ucapan selamat,,

hanya seuntai terimakasih,,

ucapan terimakasih ini kurajut dari sebuah benang persahabatan,,

yang ku beri warna-warna kejujuran dan penerimaan,,

sedikit kuberi rasa senyuman, namun mungkin lebih banyak pahitnya tangis,,

namun ini benang terindah yang pernah ku temui,,

dan ku tahu,,

takkan pernah kubiarkan gulungan ini terurai,,

takkan pernah, terlebih jika hanya karena kecerobohanku

atau bahkan keangkuhanku

takkan pernah Nda,,

karena benang ini mahal harganya,,

perlu ratusan hari untuk merajutnya menjadi untaian terimakasih yang indah,,

dan ku tahu ku belum berhasil membuat satu keindahanpun,,

bahkan hari ini,,

di hari Ulang Tahunmu,,

kau begitu berharga tuk ku Lepas,,


…sebuah ode untuk¬†seorang Rinda Airin

[dalam kenangan akan sebuah¬†Kampus¬†Biru Dongker yang menyatukan kisah kita…walau¬†hanya untuk sesaat,,]