11 November 2011 or 11-11-11. That is the most awaited date in the world, or at least in Indonesia, where many people held their wedding ceremony or done the birth surgery, or other special occasion, but not for me, i’m not a fan of that kind of worship. I never planned to done something special that day, but occasionally, Allah had planned something for me. I will never forget what was happening that day… or at least not to forget it in the near future, maybe i would forget about it sometime in the far future, who knows?

In that day, Friday to be exact, i got to go through my Unplanned Journey. Yeah.. my father is hospitalized, in ICU.. who want to spend a day with her father facing the death threat? not me…

Thank God… He is all better now, not in fully recovery condition yet, but fresh enough to force himself back to his office no matter how hard we forbid him. And I am too, back to my routine, to my office, facing the sophisticated J-Town.

My father’s condition is all my concern now,, He’s happiness is all that matter for me now..

I would like to thank all my friend that help me through this nightmare, i am very lucky to have you all.. me and my family thank you all.. please keep praying for my father health, i pray for yours too…


The Dark Jasmine

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