Implicit Memory Vs Explicit Memory

I’ve made a fatal mistake last night, I forgot to switch off the stove but luckily one of my friends was there to turn it off before something worse happen. I guess it was not the first time I’ve made similar mistake, but it was the worst one. I began to think what is wrong with me? Why is it very hard for me to follow a procedural process? I always forgot to close a drawer, I rarely put something back to its place after I have finished using it, I often missed one action during performing procedural actions. While I have problem in performing procedural actions, I can remember an event clearly, I could recall almost the exact things happened in that event, I could memorize a person, even their full name and since I love to read, I could also remember the facts that I have read just fine.

So, What is happening with me? After the tragedy last night, I dig my neuropsychology books and skimming the memory section. I found out that there might be something wrong with my implicit memory, not an impairment, maybe my explicit memory is slightly better then my implicit memory.

What Is these Implicit memory and Explicit memories?

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