Chasing The Sun

Happy National Movie Day!

I remember one Indonesia Movie that trigger my emotional memory. That movie is “Mengejar Matahari” (literally translated as Chasing the Sun). This movie is about 4 boys with an amazing friendship which is built through years since their childhood time. Their friendship is in danger when they grow up with one traumatic event, and they tend to go in separate way. Through many challenges and how their future turn out to be, they finally find their way to each other again and could do their favorite past time moment, which is chasing the sun.

Casts of this movie is really good, both in acting and in their looks. This is the first reason I admire Fauzi Baadillah and I still do at this time. Their on-set friendship somehow look very realistic and could have experienced by many of us. The movie taught me that friendship is a fragile thing but if it’s really meant to be, it will find its way back, no matter what happen or what our future need us to be, we will always have one another.


Do you know why this movie could trigger my feeling? It’s because who I watched this with and how we relate to this movie. I watched this one with my all time favorite people: i, Wau and Koemp (I have this post dedicated for them).. Honestly, I couldn’t recall perfectly whether I really watched this movie with them or just i or that I wished I had watch it with them, either way, every time I hear the soundtrack of this movie, I am longing for their presence.

Our future turn out to be like this. We hardly ever seen one another now, yet talking over night like we used to be. Many big days past without us being together, especially me, I have been such a miserable friend, I can’t attend Koemp’s wedding day, I haven’t see Auw’s cute little angel and I miss talking with i. I have been busy because my life has been very messy and I feel trashy, much like Damar in this movie. I have been so hard to my self lately and I miss loosen up with you three.

Do you know what people told us about a great movie? A great movie is a movie that effecting people’s life, preferably in positive way. “Mengejar Matahari” has big impact to my life. It showed me that no matter what person we turn out to be, our best friend will always welcome us and our hearts will feel like we are at home again.

“Ada teman-teman di masa kecil kita. Ada teman-teman di masa remaja kita. Ada teman-teman di masa tua kita. Ada sahabat-sahabat untuk selamanya” – Mengejar Matahari

Sakitnya tuh di sini….

-Ruang Tim Evaluasi Kinerja-

*telepon berdering*

Saya: “Halo”

Penelepon (Bapak-bapak): “Halo.. ruangan tim *** ya?”

Saya: “Iya benar pak, dari siapa pak?”

Penelepon: “Saya ***** dari **, Ada anggota tim yang laki-laki, mbak?”

Saya: “Ada apa, pak? Ada yang bisa saya bantu?”

Penelepon: “Saya mau ngomong sama yang lain, yang laki-laki. Ada?”

Saya: “@$%$%^”


….salah saya apa ya, Pak? Saya juga anggota tim dan bisa menjawab pertanyaan teknis Bapak, koq.


Ramadhan Kareem

According to the Government of Indonesia, today is the 1st Ramadhan in Indonesia. Ramadhan Kareem. Ramadhan Mubarak. Selamat Ramadhan. Happy fasting. All the best greetings and wishes for my fellow Muslims around the world, may Allah gives us His mercy and forgive all of our sins. Wish our love for Allah is getting stronger through this holy month and forever.


This is my First post in this new Website. All of the posts before are imported from my old blog. I want to have my own web from long time ago, but my project with a friend meets no end and this sudden offer from Kak Idhen makes everything becomes true. Many many thanks for you, Kak! (p.s for i: thanks for the understanding.. hihi)


In the beginning of June, I joined a writing challenge, writing 101 and then I became busy with all this migrating blog stuffs (another excuse I made). Once again, I failed the challenge, this time is worse, I had only done 3 or 2 (I forget and really lazy to check). My bad. Pfiuh… and to my own surprise, this morning I have made my mind to make my own writing deadline! I have to write everyday during this Ramadhan Month. I want to write about anything that come to my mind when I begin to write. *spontaneous enough, ha?


This is day 1 of Ramadhan and just like each year before, I always begin my holy month with tears because I miss my mom so much. 2014 is a harsh year for me, many things changed in my life, even my own perspective about my self. Life is far from boring, because my heart is going through ups and downs, even it is only in june, I feel like I have the longest year. Father just get back home from hospital last week, Alhamdulillah he is getting better and more discipline with his medicine. I hope there will be no more downs in the rest of the year.


Do all what it takes for your dream, and let Allah take care of the rest, for whatever His will is for you, it is the best yet to come..


Happy fasting, everyone! Happy Ramadhan…



Writing 101

I am irritated by my own writing. I am like a violinist whose ear is true, but whose fingers refuse to reproduce precisely the sound he hears within.
– Gustave Flaubert


Yes! I’ve just enrolled in a Blogging University.

Class of June, 2014.

I do realize that I failed my last writing challenge, but I will keep going and keep writing. Motivation is what I really need.

Let’s buckle up and have fun in the class!


Teruntuk Mas @EdotNo


Saya suka bingung kalau disuruh mengungkapkan isi hati pakai Bahasa Indonesia..

Bukan karena saya belagu atau songong, tapi saya merasa kalau pakai bahasa Indonesia itu makna kata-katanya lebih menusuk ke hati, jadinya saya harus benar-benar memilih kata dengan tepat…biar semuanya makin meresap dan sampai pada orang yang tepat.


Jadi.. karena ini request khusus, jadilah saya memutar isi kepala untuk memilih kata-kata yang cukup aman untuk ditulis di sini.. hehehe (abisnya pilihan yang di kasi hanya Bahasa Indonesia atau Bahasa Jawa, Bahasa Jawa saya kan levelnya masih di bawah permukaan laut)

Pertama kali ketemu 14 Februari 2010, sudah 4 tahun yang lalu… Tengah malam gelap gulita, bahkan nama aja kita baru hapal beberapa hari kemudian ya mas.. :p Sampai satu bulan setelah itu, yang ada dipikiran kita cuma bagaimana bisa selamat dari tempat gelap gulita itu. Baru mulai dekat setelah berjauhan beberapa bulan kemudian.

Kalau bercerita mengenai Mas Edh, pasti post ini akan jadi panjang dan tak selesai-selesai, karena terlalu banyak kenangan untuk di gambarkan kembali di sini. Beberapa hal yang saya ingat dari sosok Mas Edh, yang mungkin teman-teman yang lain juga akan setuju adalah dapat di percaya dan penuh perhatian. Mas Edh adalah tipe orang yang akan selalu ada bagi teman-temannya ketika kami sedang butuh seseorang untuk menggalau bersama, walaupun Mas Edh sedikit terlupakan ketika kami sedang bahagia. *peace*

Sekarang, Mas Edh udah menempuh hidup baru, bersama Mbak Nia.. Mas Edh bukan lagi milik bersama, tapi saya yakin nggak ada yang berubah dari sosok Mas Edhi yang seperti bintang, tak selalu terlihat, tapi akan selalu ada menghiasi langit yang gelap absolut. *mulai Ngaco*

Dari cerita saya di atas, mungkin akan banyak yang berpendapat bahwa Mbak Nia beruntung menjadi isterinya Mas Edh, tapi menurut saya yang lumayan sering mengganggu ketenangan hidupnya Mas edh, Mas Edhi lah yang beruntung menjadi suaminya Mbak Nia. Walaupun kita baru ketemu satu kali, saya yakin Mbak Nia akan bisa membuat hidup Mas Edh lebih berwarna karena Mbak Nia dari sudut pengamatan saya yang kadang ngawur ini adalah seorang wanita luar biasa yang punya tekad kuat dan selalu dapat melihat sisi positif kehidupan. Mbak Nia menurut saya adalah seseorang yang dapat menutupi semua kekurangan Mas Edhi, terutama kalau lagi ngobrol, Mbak Nia pasti selalu dapat mencairkan suasan karena Mas Edh agak kaku-kaku gimana gitu.. 😆

IMG_5538_resize copy

Selamat menempuh hidup baru Mas Edhi dan Mbak Nia..

Walaupun mungkin masa-masa awal terasa sulit, saya yakin kalian orang-orang hebat yang mampu melewatinya dengan tawa dan canda..

Semoga “Sakinah Bersama” dapat terwujud dan kalian selamanya dalam kebahagiaan dan Ridha Allah..

Love You Both!


for a Beautiful Bride

Nearly 15 years ago, I met a girl, using round eye-glasses for her sharp eyes with a short hair that gave her a “tough” person image.

Our first encounter was in Muhibbah Camp and she was a troop leader. An elementary school girl with lots of Scouting experiences. We weren’t friendly back then because of our troop had some kind of hard feeling that I couldn’t recalled why.

One year later, when I was in my second year of junior high school, We met again. She was a first year and when we were in our weekly scout meeting, she was already a star because she knew our trainer very well. Nope, we weren’t friend yet but the hard feeling is over, we started fresh and nice “hi” relationship.

National Scout Jamboree was the reason of our forever-last friendship. We were the only female delegates from our school and turned out that her families were old friends of my parents. After the Jamboree, we’ve been through many journeys together, Ranger Scout National Championship was one of the event that made our bond became stronger (this is the way I use darkjasm as my nick, you could read about it here. She is the leader of the Jasmine Troop). We went to the same senior high school, one year apart but we went to different university. Distance was not and never will be an obstacle in our friendship. We remained strong during the university time, even we weren’t talking to each other every day, we always knew that we have each other.

She was a born leader. I adore her for her amazing personality. She is the one that I can always count if anything happen to me. She is a pearl for me. I am blessed to have her in my life and much more blessed to call her my best friend.

Last week supposed to be the a happy week for her. Human can only plan, God will do the rest. Her father passed away a day before her wedding. I know right there that I need to be with her, maybe she is tough enough to deal it on her own, since I am the lamest one between us, not her, but I know that the least I could do to return all the favor that she has done to me is to be with her in that saddest moment of her life.

The wedding ceremony was held with many adjustments, because her family believe that her father would not approve if the wedding to be delayed. 25th of January, Jeliria Karniawati, my best friend is now someone’s wife, Deny Rendra‘s wife to be exact.

My beautiful girl turned to be a very beautiful bride.
I know that Papa really loves you and I know that he saw how beautiful you were on your wedding dress.
I love you to the end of the galaxy!

Happy Birthday to you, my beloved best friend.. I am still amazed that you could handle me gently for such a long time, because I know I am a hard person to befriend.

Thank you for being my best friend.
I wish the very best wishes for your new life, Mrs Idhen.. 😆
The tenth Jasmine
ps. Just found out that the daily post is also about a BFF.
…I don’t know why I couldn’t upload the photos, always get the error notif. Will be uploading it soon.

First Class in 2014

New semester has begin! I have my first class this Monday. I am still so exhausted after my trip to Gili last weekend, but fortunately I could make my way to my first class. I will post about the holiday later (too many pics to sort, 😆 )

It was really a good feeling, being back to class and met many fresh heads to fill and create many memories during this semester. Unlike before, this year I got 3 classes to lecture. Lecturing same lessons in three different classes are very challenging. I have to share same values, but every class has different kind of minds that need different way to approach. I hope this semester will bring me many new experiences. I hope my class will be a great journey to feed 92 souls (including mine).

Welcome, students!

Buckle up, the journey is begin!

@DCR_INFO – Chevron Scholarship for Riau Students

It was in 2005 when I got an honor to be one of the finalist in Chevron Scholarship (at that time the scholarship was named Caltex Scholarship). I was awarded the second place. Truly an amazing experience to be quarantined with all other participants from across the Riau Province. Made new friends and gain new skills. This amazing journey has not ended just after the inauguration ceremony, but continue to give impact to me through out my life.

Chevron Scholarship (or Darmasiswa Chevron Riau) is not an ordinary scholarship. This scholarship targeted bright students in Riau Province to give them opportunities to Higher Education. The Alumni has strong bond toward this scholarship scheme, we keep in touch in the Mailing List and come out with many different ideas to enhance the cooperation with Chevron in order to participate in a better Riau.

This year, the great opportunity for Senior High School Students all over Riau is open again. I really encourage all the young students in Riau to apply. It is really an important step in your education because this scholarship is one package to enhance your university time. Network is one thing we need to build as early as we can.

If you want to apply, click this Link and follow each step. Be confident, be prepared and voila, The stage is yours!