@DCR_INFO – Chevron Scholarship for Riau Students

It was in 2005 when I got an honor to be one of the finalist in Chevron Scholarship (at that time the scholarship was named Caltex Scholarship). I was awarded the second place. Truly an amazing experience to be quarantined with all other participants from across the Riau Province. Made new friends and gain new skills. This amazing journey has not ended just after the inauguration ceremony, but continue to give impact to me through out my life.

Chevron Scholarship (or Darmasiswa Chevron Riau) is not an ordinary scholarship. This scholarship targeted bright students in Riau Province to give them opportunities to Higher Education. The Alumni has strong bond toward this scholarship scheme, we keep in touch in the Mailing List and come out with many different ideas to enhance the cooperation with Chevron in order to participate in a better Riau.

This year, the great opportunity for Senior High School Students all over Riau is open again. I really encourage all the young students in Riau to apply. It is really an important step in your education because this scholarship is one package to enhance your university time. Network is one thing we need to build as early as we can.

If you want to apply, click this Link and follow each step. Be confident, be prepared and voila, The stage is yours!

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